Are You Properly Insured?

Life doesn’t always go the way we want it to go. Despite our best efforts, accidents happen and there’s nothing anyone can do about them except insure against them. And, though we can’t predict or protect from everything, we can help you come close.

We offer a wide range of insurance options and can walk you through the different types to help you choose the one that best fits your needs:

Life Insurance

Permanent Life

For individuals and business owners with long-term life insurance needs who have the cash flow to pay the annual premiums.

Single Premium Variable Life

Ideal for those who probably will not need to access the cash value in their lifetime, but wish to leave an income tax free benefit to heirs.

Survivorship Life

Suited for married couples with a significant combined estate value, especially with non-liquid assets such as a business or real estate.

Term Life

For those with short-term life insurance needs (10 years or less) or those with a long-term need but whose budget won’t allow for higher premiums.

Long-Term Care Insurance

While we don’t want to ever think about ourselves or a loved one needing long-term care, it is a reality that, if not faced now, could cause emotional and financial devastation in the future. Consider this when developing your long-term care plan.

Long term care insurance:

  • Protects your savings and investments.
  • Takes the financial and emotional burden off your family.
  • Allows you to maintain the independence that you’ve enjoyed your entire lifetime.

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