Portfolio Management

Do your investments have a plan?

Managing your investments has never been easy — and in today’s volatile marketplace, it’s more challenging than ever. At ACM Wealth Management, we will comprehensively manage your assets and employ investment strategies with a history and track record of success.

As a boutique, independent firm, we care about the growth and protection of your assets. We do not use or have proprietary products, so every recommendation that we make has your best interest in mind.

Investment Philosophy

Successful investing requires a clear and consistent strategy. Studies have shown that investors tend to achieve sub-par performance because they allow emotion to take over and fail to adhere to a consistent set of rules.

ACM Wealth Management manages portfolios based on objective, unemotional data. These strategies have been tested through multiple market cycles and our clients will benefit from having a clear and effective strategy based on time-tested principles.

Investment Strategy

The cornerstone of our investment approach is technical analysis – specifically, Point & Figure Charting and Relative Strength Analysis. Our partnerships with leading research providers in this area help us cut through the clutter of day-to-day market action and identify meaningful long-term patterns. The goal, always, is to manage risk and concentrate investments in those areas of the market with the highest probabilities of future out performance.

Relative Strength

Relative Strength, the measurement of how one asset class performs in comparison to another, is a key concept within our methodology. A relative strength matrix is like a massive tournament, where a huge quantity of investment options can be compared to one another – and we see who is strongest. Relative strength is the basis for some of our managed portfolios, where we select the best investment options from within a large universe of options. For more information on Relative Strength Strategies, please contact us

Top-Down Approach

We use primary market indicators to get a measure of overall risk, and then analyze broad industry sectors to determine which are in favor. We want to invest in sectors that are controlled by demand. We then select investments that have positive relative strength and have a good probability of outperforming the market. We do not feel compelled to be fully invested in stocks when an alternative investment (cash reserves) offers a more attractive opportunity. In fact, it is our belief that avoiding severe losses is extremely important in achieving strong market performance over the course of an entire market cycle. For more information on Tactical Asset Allocation using Relative Strength, please contact us

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